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company wide collaboration has never been so easy

Cloud-FS helps businesses to simplify their IT and control IT spending. Free your business from cumbersome networks, costly hardware & software maintenance and get a scalable, future-proof solution. Invest in IT without the headaches, while maintaining control of your sensitive data with Cloud-FS. Enable company-wide file sharing among employees, business partners & clients. Experience real-time collaboration with document versioning, edit alerts, file locking and annotations.Centrally control user access and set permissions at a granular level.

Access files anywhere, up to 25x faster on any device - online or offline. Enable remote employees to work from home, on a business trip, at a sales pitch, at an onsite project - anywhere at all. Share with business partners and clients effortlessly with creation of links to files and folders. Set who can access it and for how long it will be available. Minimise interruptions and ensure files are always available with added redundancy.

With all Cloud-FS databases located in Australia, Australian businesses can have peace of mind, knowing physically where their data is stored. And with high profile security measures such as fingerprint scanning, reinforced storage facilities, unique access codes and 24/7 surveillance, even from outside Australia, you'll know your data is safe and secure at all times.

run your systems in parallel to the cloud

We understand that not all businesses are ready for a full cloud solution, thatís why we offer Cloud-FS Hybrid. Cloud-FS Hybrid takes the simplicity of cloud technology and combines it with your existing systems to leverage your local storage and provide all the same benefits of the cloud without taking a huge leap forward.

Files remain stored within your company and you choose which files to share on the cloud. You may wish to back up the entirety of your data and only share certain files to certain parties or you may wish to keep sensitive data off the cloud altogether. Whatever your requirements, Cloud-FS Hybrid is a flexible and robust cloud solution designed to help you simplify your IT and do away with most network hardware & maintenance costs.

To see the difference a Cloud-FS solution could make in your business, enquire online today or call 1300 776 638 to have a chat with one of our friendly representatives.

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